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Berlin - Mother City

I was born and Berlin - Mother City raised in Berlin! No matter where I lived, Berlin has always remained the „Mud- dastadt“ („Mother city“).

It’s the city of endless possibilities and never- ending parties


Berlin has its own culture, its own pulse, anyone that has ever been here knows that Berlin is more than just another capital city, Berlin is lifestyle.

The Vibe

Even though Berlin constantly changes and reinvents itself, the vibe remains.Berlins essence is strong! Its diversity and spirit are unique!

A city ever growing, getting dizzily diverse, and still remaining true to itself.

Grey concrete meets fancy bars and every- thing pulsates in a special rhythm.

Cheeky mouths

“Berliner Schnauze” best described as Berliner slang blends in with literature, art, dirty sneakers and progressive fashion.

Berlin is rebellious yet full of love.

There is a reason why Berlin is famous for drawing you in and surpri- sing you with unexpected elements and scenarios.


Bitte eintreten

That being said, Berlin is obviously best experienced with a drink in one’s hand.

Gin is made from juniper berries. These grow on a hardy plant which seems to endure in spite of negative environmental influences. Juniper twigs are robust and grow strong just like Berlin.

Bitte eintreten

Rose Hip

Rosehip is my special aroma and also known as a super food.


Bitte eintreten

A soft grapefruit note gives me a certain freshness. Because my influences are world- wide, they create my exciting edginess.

I am a dream come true in the form of a beautiful bottle.

My exclusive taste conveys the atmosphere of a city with endless possibilities.

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Bronze in the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition

The Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition (TWSC) is the only competition in Japan, where whiskies and spirits from around the world are rated according to the delicate taste of the Japanese. With the deep knowledge and passion of Japanese whisky and spirits enthusiasts and experts, the TWSC evaluates whiskies and spirits of the world to promote high-quality whiskies and spirits at home and abroad.

BER DRY GIN is bronze winner in 2021!



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